About SURF Data Repository

The Data Repository Service is a trusted digital repository that ensures long-term data preservation and provides an online data publication platform service to share and publish research data. The aim of the service is to provide support for researcher to publish research data and to preserve published datasets for the long-term, thereby satisfying the requirements of publishers, financiers and (Dutch) science organisations regarding data publication. Furthermore, the user has complete freedom to decide on the structure, the metadata schemas, the designated community, and access levels of the published data.

The repository provides access to mostly open access data which can be found and downloaded by anyone interested. You can find the data repository at https://repository.surfsara.nl. For publishing datasets an account is required, please see this page for information on how to obtain an account.

There is a direct connection between the data repository service and other SURF services such as the Data Archive. All data in the data repository will eventually end up in the data archive for long-term storage and preservation. The repository is tape-aware, this means that data can automatically be put offline when it is not required for a certain amount of time.

Does my dataset qualify for this service?

SURF Data Repository is designed for the publication of large datasets: research data that is several TBs to PBs in size. For smaller datasets, please consult DANS and/or 4TU. In a European context, you can also make use of the data services of EUDAT or Zenodo (CERN).

If your group or institute wishes to publish several datasets of different sizes, please inquire about the possibilities. If you want to know whether your dataset is eligible for this service, please visit the website of Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) and use the decision tool. RDNL is a collaboration between DANS, 4TU and SURF.