In the Data Repository service, any deposit is identified and described by metadata. In order to increase the findability, visibility and understanding of your deposit and any related object, metadata is added to describe the deposit using a pre-defined set of fields.

Default metadata

Every deposit or collection must be described by a default set of metadata fields in order to uniquely identify it. Some of these fields are optional, but it is recommended to provide as much information as possible. The set of metadata fields is based on the Dublin Core metadata definition v1.1. The following fields are mandatory:

Field name Type Description
Title String Title of publication
Creator String Name(s) of principle creator. Use full names as much as possible
Description Text Description (or abstract) of the article or dataset
Keywords String Keyword(s) or subject(s) of deposit
Publication date Date Original date of publication
License String Open access license to display when viewing or downloading the dataset

The following fields are optional:

Field name Type Description
Type String Type of data
File format String Primary file format or mime-type of the files in the dataset
Publisher String Publisher of the article or dataset
Contributor String Additional contributors to the publication
Language String Primary language used in the dataset
Discipline String Select the discipline that matches closest to the data contained in the publication
Contact email String Contact email address for users

Community metadata

Some communities may provide an additional set of metadata fields. Some of these fields might be mandatory and need to be filled in before the object can be published in the community.

Collection metadata

In addition to a community, an object can also be published under a collection. Some collections may provide additional optional or required metadata fields that need to be provided before a publication can be completed.